Better Late than Never

Less than 48 hours before Course 2 work is due.  Cutting it close, but I will get there — albeit with bullet points in lieu of full prose.

Course 2: 21st Century Literacy Ideas, Questions, and Issues Reflection

  • Came across great resources for digital citizenship curriculum.  Two books look particularly helpful.  – Digital Community, Digital Citizen by Jason Ohler,  Digital Citizenship in Schools by ISTE.
  • Googling myself will become a habit to track digital footprints.  I found out that a non-functioning website was still linked to my name, so I took care of that.
  • Copyright and fair use are still fuzzy in my head, but I will not shy away from talking with the students about these important (and confusing) concepts.
  • Jane McGonigal’sTED talk on the positive potential of gaming was totally intriguing.  Must share this with my students.
  • Attended pecha kucha night at YIS.  Shared this with our Director of Curriculum,  and we’ll continue discussion about doing pecha kucha and/or mini TED talks on our campus for professional development.  I let him know my interest in being part of that.
  • Glad to see teachers involved and serious about dealing with cyber bullying.  Definitely not just the counselor’s job.
  • My work blog ES counselors’ blog needs a branding makeover.
  • Collaboration continues to be the best part of the course.
  • Bought Wired magazine for the first time ever, and some of the articles actually made sense! (This may be my biggest success for the course)

*picture of the magazine taken by me


About Naho Kikuchi

Elementary school counselor at The American School in Japan. Living and working in West Tokyo since 1997. Forever trying to figure out how to balance work, family and time for myself.
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