Be the “One”

How Does Visual Literacy Play a Role in My Classroom?

So many guidance class ideas and concepts (problem solving, being a constructive community member, handing anger, reporting vs. tattling, to name a few) can be communicated with images and visuals.  With my new iPad3, I am hoping to integrate more visuals and images into these lessons.

After spring break, grade 4 will learn the concept of teasing and bullying, and I have chosen an image to go with that lesson.  It’s from One written by Kathryn Otsuki.

This image represents “One” as the defender of the target in the bullying cycle.  “One” can also be described as a courageous bystander who gets involved with the bullying situation, refuses to tolerate it, and gets others involved too.

Empowering bystanders has always been a main focus in teaching about teasing and bullying , and “One” is the perfect image to go with that.

*Picture from


About Naho Kikuchi

Elementary school counselor at The American School in Japan. Living and working in West Tokyo since 1997. Forever trying to figure out how to balance work, family and time for myself.
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