Me and this Blog

Counselor at The American School in Japan since 1997. Mom of Mizuki and Hikari, and wife of Ron.  I am fascinated with helping kids become responsible digital citizens, and currently taking COETAIL class about 21st century learning.

Shinjuku West is my place for sharing about stuff that interests me: school counseling, kids and technology, plus favorite places and things to do in West Tokyo.

I dedicate this blog to my father, who would have read it faithfully.  He opened my world to limitless possibilities, connected our family to others far away, and challenged us to grow by moving outside our comfort zones. I’m trying to continue that, and hope this blog can help.


2 Responses to Me and this Blog

  1. Ms. Ward says:

    Hi! I followed you over here from your comment on my blog. I connected with what you said about your father and I appreciate your efforts to carry on his legacy. I relate.

  2. Naho Kikuchi says:

    Ms. Ward,
    Thank you for finding my blog. I will write more about international school counseling once I am done with the technology course.
    Take care, and hope to see you back on Twitter.

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